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At W3gmedia (Website Design Gold Coast), we offer both commercial solutions as well as open source solutions. If you don’t have a big budget and you still want to implement a content management system then we have an array of open source solutions for you. Just send in your requirement and we will let you know which solution will be perfect for you. Contact Website Design Gold Coast to fill in your requirements.

W3gmedia (Website Design Gold Coast) offer the best open source solutions available in the market. We will not only provide you the solution but also test it so that when you get the final product or your website, everything will be in place.

There are several advantages or benefits of using an open source solution like:

  1. It can compensate in many ways for the underlying disadvantages of commercial solutions
  2. W3gmedia (Website Design Gold Coast) open source solutions are cost effective because to use OSS, we will not have to pay the commercial WCMS license plus the fee for annual maintenance is also much less.
  3. All commercial solutions are considered to be "closed source", which means that they will not be visible in the source code.
  4. All open source solutions provide a high amount of stability and performance.
  5. Open source solutions have a broad installation basis vis-à-vis commercial systems.


So whatever your requirement may be, we have a wide array of open source solutions to cater to each of your requirements.

Contact Website Design Gold Coast to know more about the various open source solutions on offer.

   W3gmedia Latest Projects

2008 build a website for Film production Services Company located in Fortitude valley QLD as a contractor. This website has a facility to upload movie production and view them through Flash using SWX services.

2008 Worked on Queensland Govt website your30.qld.gov.au as contractor.

2009 Maintain and building Australian biggest finance provider website called finance ezi wich provide car finance, boat loans, truck finance, equipment lease, bike finance and home loans.

2009 work for Blade Group and Harley Davidson Europe EDM Extranet under a contract with Room58